Mulch and decorative chip are extremely versatile landscaping product that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can accent flower beds, create decorative berms and driveways. Small accent walls and columns for entry ways can also be made from cobbles.

You can stop by and pick just the right mulch or decorative chip for your landscaping project. We sell by the bag, truckload or we can delivery it right to your door.


Large River Rock


Medium River Rock


Large Caramel Rock


Medium Caramel Rock


Slatescape Rock


Trap Rock


Shooting Star Rock


Ruby Red Granite


Shale Mulch


Midnight Blue Garden Path


Rustic Garden Path
2-3″ London Mist





1 1/2″ Smoke Rock              
Premium Shredded Hardwood


Premium Double Processed Dyed Black


Premium Double Processed Dyed Chocolate Brown


Red Dyed Mulch
Aromatic Cedar